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A Late In Life Coming-Of-Age Film With A Dynamite Lead Performance [Sundance] read full article at

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There is a clear distinction between this new journey for Cruz and her pals. Additionally strict Catholics, they’re proven to be judgemental and condescending, as Cruz observes them insulting somebody for having the nerve to try to promote intercourse remedy within the sacred church. The church is shot to emphasise …

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A Sinister Villain Elevates This Humdrum Kid’s Flick [Sundance] read full article at

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Relating to villains although, “The Amazing Maurice” delivers above and past expectations. There’s been a bizarre dearth of villains in animated movies currently, particularly in each Disney and Pixar motion pictures, which have taken a extra metaphorical strategy to villains. That is good and all, however rooting in opposition to …

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A Sensitive, Striking Exploration Of Trauma [Sundance] read full article at

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“Girl” explores the weight of trauma with care and respect. The specifics of Grace’s trauma aren’t revealed until later in the film, but there’s plenty of evidence that allows viewers to piece things together. Grace does seem awfully young to have an 11-year-old daughter, and those suspicions are confirmed when …

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