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Annie Wersching, Actress Known For Her Roles In 24 And Star Trek: Picard, Has Died At 45 read full article at

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Actress Annie Wersching has died on the tragically younger age of 45. She is survived by her husband Stephen Full and their three sons: Freddie, Archie, and Ozzie. Wersching was reportedly recognized with most cancers in the summertime of 2020 however had saved her sickness non-public. The information of her …

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Johnny Yong Bosch Returns For Trigun: Stampede, Confirms English Dub Release Date read full article at

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Voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch is going back to his roots. In a tweet from Crunchyroll, the voice actor confirmed that he will be reprising his role as Vash the Stampede in the soon-to-come English dub of “Trigun: Stampede.” Said dub will be arriving on January 21, 2023, a mere …

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Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio Sound Designer On Developing The Sounds Of Each Character [Exclusive Interview] read full article at

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In your expertise, what is the distinction between designing sound for a live-action movie and designing for an animated movie? In live-action movies, there’s a certain quantity of manufacturing. There’s a little little bit of air, slightly little bit of noise that performs right into a microphone. So you will …

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