Erin Brady

Joyland Is A Cautionary Tale On Repression More Interesting On The Outskirts [Sundance] read full article at

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No matter where in the world you live, and no matter what cultures you are surrounded with, there are a few emotions that are universally understood and felt. One of these universal emotions is more unspoken, and if they are discussed, they’re kept in hushed whispers and closed doors. That …

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Run Rabbit Run Review: Sanity And Tension Dwindles In This Australian Psychological Thriller [Sundance] read full article at

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The term “elevated horror” has garnered very mixed reactions. On the one hand, there is something inherently unique about a slowly-burning, quiet build-up to a terrifying revelation. However, on the other hand, the term suggests that horror in and of itself can’t be sophisticated or can’t deal with difficult subject …

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