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Frank Scheck

Jason Momoa Narrates Doc on Deep-Sea Mining – The Hollywood Reporter read full article at

Deep Rising Still 1 copy H 2022

You can get visual whiplash while watching Matthieu Rytz’s documentary about the geopolitical, economic, social and ecological ramifications of mining the planet’s ocean floors for metals. One minute, you think you’re watching an IMAX documentary about gorgeous creatures of the deep, with enough amazingly translucent jellyfish on display to satisfy …

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Harrowing Doc on Siege of Ukrainian City – The Hollywood Reporter read full article at

20 Days In Mariupol Still1 H 2022

As 20 Days in Mariupol tragically demonstrates, as long as there are wars, there will be war documentaries. First-time filmmaker Mstyslav Chernov’s effort is a particularly immersive example of the genre, chronicling the weekslong siege of the titular Ukrainian city by Russian forces. Chernov, a journalist for The Associated Press, …

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Tom Hanks in Appealing Remake – The Hollywood Reporter read full article at

A Man Called Otto Still 1 Publicity H 2022

The poster for A Man Referred to as Otto invitations us to “fall in love with the grumpiest man in America.” However actually, was there any doubt, contemplating that he’s performed by Tom Hanks? The inevitable transformation of the title character from ill-tempered sourpuss to lovable softy wouldn’t generate a …

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