Jordan Mintzer

An Eye-Opening Exposé on Journalistic Freedom – The Hollywood Reporter read full article at

Bad Press Still 1 H 2023

Freedom of the press — what most Individuals assume to be an unalienable proper assured by the First Modification ever because it was ratified again in 1791 — doesn’t, actually, apply to everybody residing inside america. For those who didn’t know that (and this reviewer positively didn’t), then what occurs …

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An Intimate Syrian Doc – The Hollywood Reporter read full article at

5 Seasons of Revolution Still 1 H 2022

Images of revolution tend to resemble one another over time: mass street protests, crackdowns by riot police, unarmed protestors risking their lives against the powers-that-be. We’ve seen most of them before, and yet each time we come across them they captivate us anew. In the Syrian documentary 5 Seasons of …

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A Stark Drama Exploring Abuse in the Mexican Military – The Hollywood Reporter read full article at

Heroic Still 1 Sundance Film Festival 2023 H 2022

A punishing look at extreme military indoctrination, David Zonana’s second feature, Heroic, portrays the relentless system of abuse, torture and violence that new army recruits go through while attending Mexico’s own version of West Point, which is ironically called the Heroic Military College. Despite such a name, there are hardly …

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Horror Flick Takes Motherhood to Extremes – The Hollywood Reporter read full article at

birth rebirth Still 1 H 2022

If David Cronenberg were suffering from a severe case of the baby blues, he might have cooked up something like birth/rebirth, a queasily clinical horror debut from Laura Moss that explores the darker sides of child rearing, from birth to death and way beyond. Not for the fainthearted, this twisted …

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Doc About New York Video Store’s Demise – The Hollywood Reporter read full article at

Image 2 KIMS VIDEO H 2023

New York City’s fabled movie rental chain, Kim’s Video, shuttered its downtown locations throughout the early-to-mid aughts, offering an early warning sign that the cinema as we once knew it was dying, or at least migrating to other formats. The chain’s disappearance left an open wound among lower Manhattan film …

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