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Kirsten Howard

The Glorious, Good-Natured Mess of Miami Connection read full article at

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But it’s that very excess that makes Miami Connection such a special film. For every “mistake” the movie makes, every absurd decision that breaks from expectation, Miami Connection grows that much more delightful and unique.  Against the Ninja On the surface, Miami Connection follows the structure of most 80s action …

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Who Should Be the Villain of Marvel’s New Fantastic Four Movie? read full article at

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Finally, Galactus is the alternative member of the FF’s rogues gallery, and he previously appeared in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. With the cosmic side of the MCU always expanding, it’s an easy plot to write that the world eater has been attracted to Earth based on the …

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Underrated Killer Doll Movies to Watch After M3GAN read full article at

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Sammy Snyders stars as Jamie, a pre-teen pushed mad by lust and homicide directions from his teddy bear Teddy. To facilitate Jamie’s newly-developed homicidal tendencies, he’s discovered a pit stuffed with prehistoric monsters he calls “Trogs,” who love nothing greater than to tear aside any one that falls of their …

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