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Happy Valley Series 3 Episode 5 Review: James Norton Kills It As Tommy Lee Royce read full article at

Happy Valley 3 5 Siobhan Finneran Sarah Lancashire

Was Ryan impressed by Royce’s escape? He averted answering, which suggests two issues: no (thank God) he wasn’t, and, he doesn’t need to harm his dad’s emotions. As Ryan advised Daniel in one other scene whose each phrase we devoured up, he pities Royce. And are available the finale, that …

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Tommy Lee Royce’s Happy Valley Stunt Has a Bizarre Real-World Parallel read full article at

Happy Valley James Norton Tommy Lee Royce

Thrilling TV? Absolutely. Unrealistic? Perhaps. Then again, perhaps not. In Moscow in 2019, a real murder trial was disrupted when the accused attempted a very similar escape. 18-year-old Leonid Greyser was filmed climbing up and out of the defendant’s glass box in the Scherbinsky District Court mid-session. Greyser didn’t go …

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Happy Valley Series 3 Episode 4 Review: If Catherine Dies, We Riot read full article at

Happy Valley Rhys Connah as Ryan Cawood

Of all the surprises in episode four (Jo’s body vanishing, Ann and Catherine’s set-to, being made to feel almost sorry for those Knežević goons, whose wedding pictures are going to need some serious Photoshop after that beating…), Tommy’s escape wasn’t one of them. We’d known it was coming, drawing closer …

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Luther’s Alice is British TV’s Answer to Hannibal Lecter read full article at

Ruth Wilson as Alice Morgan in Luther BBC

Author Thomas Harris introduced the world to Dr Hannibal Lecter in 1981’s Red Dragon as an incarcerated cannibal-turned-consultant helping his captor, FBI agent Will Graham, to hunt an enigmatic serial killer. Four bestselling novels, five movies and a much-loved TV series later, Lecter became a bona fide horror icon, thanks …

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Happy Valley Series 3 Episode 3 Review: Breaking Point For Catherine and Ryan? read full article at

Happy Valley 3 3 Siobhan Finneran and Sarah Lancashire

Lancashire deserves every truckload of praise she gets and more for Happy Valley, but let’s not stop there. In that café scene, Siobhan Finneran did her share. Clare’s “what if?” speech was the culminating point of her character. Delivered like a train gathering speed, each line built and built to the …

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Doctor Who’s Most Underrated Companion Should Never Have Been Written Out read full article at

Doctor Who The Romans Vicki and the Doctor Maureen OBrien and William Hartnell 1965

And so Vicki was created for the following story, ‘The Rescue’, although at times she was called ‘Tanni’ and ‘Lukki’. An orphan from the 25th Century, stranded on a planet called Dido in a crashed spaceship with only one other survivor, her father killed, Vicki is understandably desperate to leave. …

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Prime Video’s The Rig Ending Explained: The Ancestor, Wave, and The Great Dying read full article at

The Rig Amazon Martin Compston first look

Project Cirein, Coake’s Plan and the Pictor Cover-up After Mark Addy’s character David Coake turns up (joining Magnus’ Iain Glen and Hutton’s Owen Teale as former Game of Thrones alumni), having escaped the now-destroyed Kinloch Charlie platform, we learned that Pictor knew all about the Ancestor and was already trying …

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Happy Valley Series 3 Episode 2 Review: Sarah Lancashire is in a Class of Her Own read full article at

Sarah Lancashire in Happy Valley series 3 BBC

The supremacy of Sarah Lancashire’s efficiency is each Happy Valley’s trump card and smash, as a result of the scenes she’s not in miss her like mad. Burdened Eric the pharmacist, Rob’s determined spouse and the bullyboy gangsters simply can’t match her presence. Even James Norton’s smirking and self-satisfied Tommy Lee …

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Doctor Who’s Best Episodes: The 1980s Era read full article at

Doctor Who Best 80s Header Image

Doctor Who's Best Episodes: The 1980s Era read full article at 18 During which the Physician and Peri arrive at Tranquil Repose to pay respects to an previous pal. Tranquil Repose holds lifeless our bodies and minds in suspended animation, awaiting a treatment for no matter killed them. Sadly …

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