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A Fashion Disruptor Combats Industry Racism – The Hollywood Reporter read full article at

Invisible Beauty Still 1 copy H 2022

In November 1973, the style world gathered on the Palace of Versailles, an emblem of French opulence, for a fundraiser turned unforgettable occasion. The Battle of Versailles was a runway present that pitted French designers towards American ones, a David and Goliath state of affairs between couture royalty and new-world …

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Emilia Jones in New Yorker Short Story Adaptation – The Hollywood Reporter read full article at

Cat Person Still 2 H 2022

Like most viral internet obsessions heralded as evidence of the zeitgeist, Kristen Roupenian’s “Cat Person” was more cultural litmus test than anything else. The short story, published in The New Yorker during the winter of 2017, was met with almost vertiginous levels of fanfare and debate. On one side: applause …

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The Beloved Author Makes a Charming Screen Debut – The Hollywood Reporter read full article at

Judy Blume Forever Still 1 copy H 2022

Where would we be without Judy Blume? The writer penned dozens of works that encouraged generations of young people to stay curious about their bodies, to ask questions, to explore and to be brave. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret — a classic if there ever was one — portrayed the …

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Daisy Ridley in Lonely Romance – The Hollywood Reporter read full article at

Sometimes I Think About Dying Still 1 copy H 2022

Loneliness is the subject of a poetic exploration in Rachel Lambert’s Sometimes I Think About Dying. Premiering in Sundance’s U.S. Dramatic Competition and adapted from the Oscar-shortlisted live-action short of the same name (which was based on Kevin Armento’s play killers), Lambert’s film quietly observes the life of Fran (Daisy …

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A Tender Film Foregrounds Working-Class Brazil – The Hollywood Reporter read full article at

MARS ONE Still 1 Courtesy ARRAY Releasing H 2023

If you told me that the director Gabriel Martins thought exclusively in images, I wouldn’t be surprised. Mars One, his gracefully composed observation of a working-class Brazilian family, is littered with arresting shots. Take the one of Tércia, the matriarch played by Rejane Faria, cleaning a window: Her curly mop …

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‘James Baldwin Abroad’ at Film Forum – The Hollywood Reporter read full article at

James Baldwin Abroad Still 2 Publicity H 2022

For James Baldwin, leaving america was a matter of survival. “I didn’t know what was going to occur to me in France, however I knew what was going to occur to me in New York,” the author said in a 1984 Paris Overview interview. Despair pervaded the streets of Harlem, the place …

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