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Sundance 2023: Kokomo City, Twice Colonized, Little Richard: I Am Everything | Festivals & Awards read full article at

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The ladies interviewed right here—Liyah Mitchell, Dominque Silver, Koko Da Doll, and Daniella Carter—are students of their expertise. Smith empowers them all through, giving them house within the edit and with every excessive close-up of a weaponized physique half, generally in gradual movement. The modifying by D. Smith—who additionally filmed it—has important …

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Sundance 2023: Onyx the Fortuitous and the Talisman of Souls, Run Rabbit Run, In My Mother’s Skin | Festivals & Awards read full article at

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“Onyx the Fortuitous and the Talisman of Souls” finds our nervous Devil-worshipping hero on a retreat to hang around along with his favourite occultist, Bartok the Nice (Jeffrey Combs). It’s a break from his common droll lifetime of working at a burger store (“How can I make your day a …

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Sundance 2023: Landscape with Invisible Hand, Drift | Festivals & Awards read full article at

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With momentum solely coming from the film’s dedication to its strangeness, “Landscape with Invisible Hand” toys with home-life parts, together with how one of many Vuvv would attempt to combine right into a human position as a mother or father to people. Tiffany Haddish (as Adam’s mother) and Josh Hamilton …

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Sundance 2023: Shortcomings, The Accidental Getaway Driver | Festivals & Awards read full article at

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Park is on his option to discovering a definite angle of his personal as a filmmaker and kicks his debut off with a daring, laugh-out-loud assertion: A parody of “Crazy Rich Asians,” which permits Ben to later be snide however eloquent about how such a film is an inexpensive win …

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Sundance 2023: The Persian Version, Mutt | Festivals & Awards read full article at

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The occasions in Leila’s life, involving her personal shock and the waning well being of her father Ali Reza (Bijan Daneshmand), trigger her to assume extra in regards to the thick pores and skin of her mom, Shirin (a unbelievable Niousha Noor). Shirin and Leila have had a tense relationship for …

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Sundance 2023: 20 Days in Mariupol, Pianoforte | Festivals & Awards read full article at

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“20 Days in Mariupol,” premiering as part of the festival’s World Cinema Documentary competition, is the feature-length compilation of what they captured, presented here as a journalist team’s first-person experience into those war crime zones. We see Chernov capture footage in a hospital of maimed young people dying on gurneys. …

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Sundance 2023: Theater Camp, Kim’s Video | Festivals & Awards read full article at

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“Theater Camp” is smartly conceived, so much so that right when it starts to wear down its premise of “theater kids, haha,” it gifts us the magnificently bad “Joan, Still,” with songs written by Gordon, Lieberman, Platt, Galvin, and Mark Solennick. Like “Theater Camp,” it will likely haunt auditions, car rides, …

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