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Fancy Dance Review: A Post-Colonial Tale Of Community, Love, & Perseverance [Sundance] read full article at

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Native People. Indigenous. First Nations. Indians. There are lots of names we grapple with when discussing the communities throughout North America that predate colonizers. Indian Country — the overall time period for the a whole lot of self-governing tribal nations — is a broad, huge neighborhood of people that refuse …

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The Distinctly Native American Documentary Delivers On All Fronts [Sundance] read full article at

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I was on the edge of my seat watching “Bad Press.” And it’s not because I’m just that invested in Mvskoke Media (although the documentary does an excellent job of making you care about the journalists’ plights) — it’s because this is a human interest story, and you can’t help …

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Intimate Documentary Nails The Mother-Daughter Dynamic [Sundance] read full article at

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“Joonam” is a well-constructed, personal journey through identity and family history. It doesn’t have a strong, clear story — it’s more like a meditation on the subject. We get snippets of very personal moments between the women, and the family history is teased out through casual interviews, old images, and …

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