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The Big Door Prize’s Chris O’Dowd And David West Read On Theremins, Whistling, And What Happiness Means [Exclusive Interview] read full article at

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And Chris, with out moving into spoilers, your character is a superb whistler. Did you need to observe whistling in any respect for the half? Learn: He is an excellent whistler. O’Dowd: We have been speaking about that slightly bit. We received an expert whistler in as a result of …

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Lucky Hank Showrunners On Casting Bob Odenkirk And The Show’s Ineffable Tone [Exclusive Interview] read full article at

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One of the things I really liked about the first episode is how the tone is so unique. I’m sure a lot of people will use the word “mash-up” for it. When you were working on the show, both in production and in editing, was there a mantra or a …

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