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Downton abbey Season Five

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Paintball Fight At Gas Works Park From 10 Things I Hate About You

Here is the thing about first dates, very rarely are they not awkward. There’s small talk you have to make which I absolutely hate, then the whole night you try to come up with interesting things to say to each other to avoid falling into the “silence pit.” As I am writing this, I am getting flashes of all of the awkward first dates I have had to sit through, and just never again…

I love activities. I think first dates should have some kind of activity involved so the whole night is not dependent on staring at each other and talking. I also think this is the best way to see what the other person’s personality is like. The paintball scene in 10 Things I Hate About You is so perfect and I love Kat and Patrick’s inner child really shines through. They are laughing and being super playful with each other. And that perfect kiss scene at the end, on the haystack is the cutest. In that moment, they both don’t care about keeping up appearances, all they care about is having fun and I think that’s what I would want on a first date. – Maznah Shehzad

The Prom in Grease

Forgive me for tooting my own horn here, but I am really good at the hand jive. This very niche and impressive skill means there’s only one choice for my fictional first date and that’s dancing with the Rydell High class of 1961 at their prom. What better place to get to know each other than surrounded by 30 year olds pretending to be 17 year olds with a live band and excellent outfits. Is there anything that can bond two people together more than a synchronized dance routine?

I may have ulterior motives and could be planning on cutting in on Cha Cha and dancing with Danny Zuko, but I would love swinging about in my full skirt and seeing how low I can go (not very low). If all goes well the second date could be at the finale carnival! – Elizabeth Donoghue

An After-Hours Club During Prohibition

The scenario would be very similar to the first date between Henry and Karen in Goodfellas, but not so classy a joint as the Copacabana. Not just a speakeasy, but an after-hours club with all the vices on display, and a date who is open to exploring the possibilities. There should be hot music, wild dancing, and I should know the musicians well enough to get high with them before the set, and maybe sit in to make a better impression. I should also have enough folding money in my pockets to blow on my date’s dice before she shoots craps. Danger and romance, music and mayhem, and death on the dancefloor. Kinda like Brooklyn discos in the ‘70s, but with fedoras, flapper cloches, and a getaway car with a bumper seat built for two. – Tony Sokol

Downton Abbey season 5
Where in Fandom Would You Go on a Fictional First Date? read full article at 6

The Dining Room at Downton Abbey

I’m an old-fashioned girl, simply not cut out for the modern dating game. All this swiping left, ghosting, benching (I had to look that one up), it’s enough to make you want to go off-grid completely. But dating in Downton Abbey takes you right back to the classics: long lingering looks over the soup (yum), catching their eye by dropping a witty double-entendre during the fish course (double yum), casually dropping a hint about how much you like horse-riding in-between mouthfuls of succulent roast pheasant (yum jackpot) so they’ll invite you to their stables the next day, and oh look! There’s dessert on the way… 

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